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Unlimited Lead & Follow Up Management. $2 / User.

A CRM geared toward auto dealers and insurance agents or any SMB (small-medium business)

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  Sales Lead Tracking

Lead follow up management & tracking is the process of contacting, qualifying and converting leads into customers. Our program is simple, easy to use and right to the point.

Effectively manage leads, follow ups, appointments and contacts in one easy-to-use online CRM system.

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 Sales Team Management

The unique sales person hierarchy allows managers to monitor, track and assign leads to sales people. Users are able to view leads that are assigned directly to them or to the users who report to them.
Lead distribution at its finest.

* Free accounts are allowed one user, the user hierarchy is reserved for paid members.

 Follow Up / Call-Back Queue

View a list of leads sorted by the last date and time of contact. Easily keep track of how often you've contacted each lead in your queue and avoid contacting potential clients too frequently.

Use our Lead Scoring and Grading field to determine if you are following up with a qualified lead.

 Appointment Calendar

This business tool allows you to view upcoming appointments and works with your Google Calendar to get directions and recieve email alerts.


Our web application is mobile friendly. With a powerful mobile app in the works.

   Google Calendar

Follow Up appointments automatically push to your Google Calendar. Stay organized with all your appointments in one place.

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 Affordable, Simple, CRM

At $2 per user, Prospect Sleuth CRM is the most affordable CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) on the market. Making it the perfect CRM for small business. Organized lead distribution will streamline the conversion process from a lead to a sale.

 File Upload & Management

We offer file storage on each lead. Attach images & documents.

Lead Data Import: Import an MS Excel list of existing leads into your database, no more manual data entry!

* these features are reserved for paid members.


View reports and statistics, like how long leads have been open and how much revenue can be generated from open leads. Download our CRM spreadsheet reports and take them with you on the go.

 TLS / SSL Security

Your data is secure with us. All of our web pages are served over TLS / SSL. Which means all data to and from our servers is encrypted for your protection. You will notice the security lock in your browser.

We also specialize in CRM consulting and Custom Built CRM Solutions tailored to your business and workflows.

There are many tools and software coming up in the market that are known to give more opportunities to users. Customer Relationship Management Software is one amazing tool that has been designed for all small as well as large scale business organizations to manage sales tasks efficiently. CRM management software brings with it all new possibilities and options that are suitable enough for every business organization. The tool is highly capable in managing all sales leads and at the same time helps in efficient sales team management. With Prospect Sleuth, you get an online CRM software at the best possible price. We are team of professionals bringing for your organization or business customized online lead management at its best. Our team constantly works to make sure that the tool fits every business organization and delivers suitable results. Our software professionals work with you to understand every requirement of your business and thereby come up with unique solution that can fit your business perfectly. Visit our online page today to get more details and information regarding sales lead follow up systems. The CRM tool fits perfectly for any business irrespective of whether it is small or large. The Best CRM Software or tool is known to increase efficiency of your business, and streamline the entire process from lead to sale and drive revenue. All such features of a CRM tool are driven by systematic and organized distribution of leads. After a lead is successfully entered into the system any business owner or employee can track all follow up attempts to that particular lead with ease. This increases visibility, helping maximizing sales, a necessity for any business organization. The crm software for small business will allow you to focus on closing leads. The best CRM for small business can help any business rise to success quickly. The auto dealer crm will help in maximizing the auto sales and effectively increase productivity for salespeople within your business. Setup a CRM consult with us today. The best dealer crm is waiting to give your business that much needed push.

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