How a Web Based CRM Saved the Human Race

A web based CRM in the cosmos

A web based CRM could one day save our way of life, and the human race in general.
The year is 2062. President Donald Trump managed to stay in power for 20 years. Despite President Trump’s honorable efforts, global warming and foreign invaders have taken its toll on our precious planet, leaving it a desolate place years after his reign. Furthermore the remaining human race is searching the cosmos for a suitable replacement planet. The foreign invaders at least left a few commercial exploration frigates.

Franklin Trump, a grandchild of the great President Donald Trump is one of the survivors. He has found that a certain web based CRM software by the name of Prospect Sleuth is still online. Somehow its servers managed to survive the digital attacks by the foreign invaders. Franklin signs up to use the system as a simple prospect manager. Earth is in sporadic contact with prospects on a few distant planets that might take in the remainder of the human race. He wants to take an organizational approach to further his chances of turning a prospect into a deal.

Next, Franklin enters in these planets and their contact information into the web based CRM that is Prospect Sleuth, as potential leads. He then assigns each prospect planet to a member of his hierarchical space exploration team, utilizing Prospect Sleuth’s unique lead distribution setup. This allows him to keep tabs on each member and contact attempts to each prospect, to nurture the lead along and make sure his team is doing their job . Think of this setup as Franklin being a sales manager and his members are his sales lead follow up team.

Customer follow up

Franklin Trump has inherited a business mind from Donald Trump. He treats these prospect planets as potential customers for his business, that business being the human race in general. He knows that prospect management and proper customer follow up will win the day for planet Earth. Hence he makes sure that his sales team is logging all contacts and follow up attempts with the prospect planet contacts, directly into the web based CRM database. The team can access these leads and their vital information from anywhere. They make sure not to contact too often and scare away a potential safe haven for his fellow survivors.

These sales lead follow up attempts eventually create a list of the most promising leads. Furthermore, the “sales team” then arranges appointment times to visit the planets in person to iron out an agreement. Prospect Sleuth can load a Google Map GPS location to make navigating to the new world a breeze (yes Google’s servers have survived as well, and is more like a UPS now (Universal Positioning System)). Taking separate frigate ships, the sales team checks their online appointment calendar to make sure they do not miss any appointments, and can look over notes before the big meeting.

Prospect Management wins the day

In conclusion, it was a difficult battle to save the human race. But Franklin Trump’s business acumen and charisma landed a deal with the prospect planet Yavin 7
(no relation to Star Wars Yavin planets). Prospect management via a simple web based CRM has managed to save the human race!

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